New Year Celebration
New Year Countdown has begun. New Year brings along new hopes, new aspirations and new ways to welcome the upcoming challenges and happiness. Everyone plans a grand welcome of New Year and thus Nakhrali Dhani has planned to add stars to everyone’s wishes. Bollywood dance, DJ performance, celebrity performance, Beauty Contest, Dance competition and a lot more is in the store for you here.
Christmas Celebration
Christmas has again come with a great zeal and fervour this time. Though equally enjoyable for every age group, Christmas still kindles a little more of joy and excitement for little kids. Nakhrali Dhani has its own way of celebrating Christmas and this time it’s going to be really big. With joyful events like- DJ performance, Dance troop performance, Eye-catching decoration, special programmes for kids and a vast variety of Christmas delicacies.
Wedding Celebrations
Wedding is one of those few special occasions which leave a great impression on the minds of hosts as well as guests. To ensure utmost satisfaction of our clients, we have recently organized a grand wedding in the marriage garden of Nakhrali Dhani. All the minute details were taken care of promptly and effectively to please the guests and make the wedding memorable. Best-in-class catering, eye-pleasing décor and supporting amenities helped make the wedding successful.
Birthday Celebrations
Nakhrali Dhani is one of those vivacious and vibrant spaces which aim at making each small occasion a grand and memorable one. One of such beautifully celebrated occasions was a kid’s first birthday party which was enjoyed at its most with the help of alluring and eye-pleasing decoration done by Nakhrali Dhani team. Everything right from the basic decoration of the banquet hall to welcoming of guests, catering, music and other services was taken a great care by the Nakhrali team.
Diwali Celebrations
With an aim to enlighten the surroundings with the festive glitter, Diwali is being celebrated almost every year at Nakhrali Dhani. This year’s Diwali celebration had in it an enhanced sense of festivity. Whole premise was decorated in bright luminous lights, Diyas, candles and beautiful colours were spread forming attractive illustrations on the floor. Every element consisted a pinch of liveliness in it on this gladly celebrated festival of Indian culture.
Holi Celebrations
Come and celebrate the joyous festival of Holi with us. The colors of Rajasthan adds on charm to Holi celebrations and Nakhrali Dhani becomes a mesmerizing venue. Indulge in your love for Holi with us and experience utmost joy at tis best.